Warren Moon: Kyler Murray homework clause is a “slap in the face to all African-American quarterbacks” - NBC sports

before the Cardinals compelled a homework clause into quarterback Kyler Murray's contract, no one puzzled his work ethic. Now, with the team curiously thinking he doesn't work tough sufficient, others are assuming the group's evaluation has merit.

corridor of fame quarterback Warren Moon, who needed to start his pro soccer profession in Canada because no NFL crew desired him, informed TMZ.com that Arizona's effort to cut back an independent study dedication to writing is a "slap within the face to all African-American quarterbacks."

"It's whatever thing we had been at all times accused of returned within the day once they didn't allow us to play," Moon noted. "That we were lazy, that we didn't examine, that we couldn't be leaders, that we weren't smart. So all those different things simply sort of came to floor after we put all that stuff to bed through the years and simply on account of this deal that's going on between Arizona and Kyler."

that would were yet another reason for the Cardinals to realize the potential harm of insisting on a clause that made their quarterback seem unhealthy and the crew look worse. Even with the homework clause presumably being dumped from the deal, the stain to Murray's graphic will remain. And that indisputable fact that Murray is Black invites hypothesis as as to if the group would have made such a big deal in regards to the clause if he weren't.

"The hurt has been performed," Moon mentioned. "He'll have this using on him each time he does whatever wrong in a football game. They're going to say, 'See, that's the explanation why that happened is as a result of he didn't study ample movie last week,' or anything it might be. . . . It's a extremely unfortunate circumstance for him and extremely embarrassing for either side."

certainly it is. And the real query is whether group and player can ever get previous this, or even if at some factor the franchise quarterback will decide he needs to continue his profession with another franchise.

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