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The sequence is decided after the Galactic Empire formed within the prequel collection.

"Andor" is set earlier than the persona turns into a undercover agent for the revolt. Disney+ / Lucasfilm

"Andor" is determined after the final movie of the "superstar Wars" prequel trilogy, "Revenge of the Sith."

At this element in the story, the Sith, an evil energy-hungry neighborhood of area wizards, have fashioned a Galactic Empire.

The empire's leaders, Darth Sidious and Darth Vader, have taken over the universe, killing their political opponents and wiping out their supernatural opponents, the Jedi. 

"superstar Wars" fanatics understand that ultimately, within the long-established trilogy, the insurrection Alliance is shaped to defeat the Empire.

however, "Andor" sits between both trilogies and may demonstrate how the riot is fashioned.

Cassian Andor is a secret agent for the insurrection Alliance, which remains forming at this element.

Cassian Andor first seemed in "Rogue One: a celeb Wars Story." Disney+

Diego Luna plays the titular character within the collection, Cassian Andor.

The persona became first added in "Rogue One: a celeb Wars Story" as a undercover agent for the rebel Alliance.

With a ragtag group of rebels, including the film's lead Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), he led a suicide mission on the planet Scarif to get plans for a secret Empire weapon.

That weapon became out to be the loss of life superstar, which was first delivered in the normal trilogy.

"Andor" is set earlier than "Rogue One," since the personality dies in that movie, and may exhibit how the persona grew to become concerned with the insurrection and how he meets his allies akin to his fan-favorite sidekick droid, ok-2SO (Alan Tudyk).

"Andor" is a grounded story in comparison to the old "megastar Wars" series.

"Andor" premieres with three episodes on Wednesday. Lucasfilm

"Rogue One" changed into praised on the time of its unlock for its grounded story within the "famous person Wars" universe.

not like previous films, it did not revolve across the Jedi and offered the story that every person had a part to play within the rebel, instead of focusing on a bunch of particular people.

in keeping with stories of the new collection, "Andor" looks to be grounded like "Rogue One." 

Mon Mothma is a key determine within the revolt Alliance.

Genevieve O'Reilly performs Mon Mothma within the sequence. Disney+ / Lucasfilm

Mon Mothma first looked in "Return of the Jedi" (played by means of Caroline Blakiston) because the Chancellor of the riot Alliance who leads the closing assault in opposition t the Empire.

The persona changed into meant to make another look in the prequel film "Revenge of the Sith," played by way of Genevieve O'Reilly, however the scene became later reduce.

however, O'Reilly got a 2d chance to play the personality in "Rogue One."

"Rogue One" depicts Mothma after she is elected because the chief of the insurrection Alliance and tries to stop the mission to Scarif at the conclusion of the film.

"Andor" will reveal what Mothma become like before she grew to be the chief of the insurrection as a double agent within the Empire's capital, Coruscant. There she labored as a senator attempting to gain the Empire's secrets.

we have considered saw Gerrera in "Rogue One" and "superstar Wars: The Clone Wars."

woodland Whitaker makes an look as noticed Gerrera in the "Andor" professional trailer. Disney+

The "Andor" trailers also show an extra "megastar Wars" legacy character, saw Gerrera.

The Onderonian insurrection changed into first introduced within the "celebrity Wars: The Clone Wars" sequence, where he turned into combating in a civil war on his domestic planet to free his individuals from the Separatists led by using Sith chief, count Dooku.

all the way through his mission, Gerrera worked with the Republic, a democratic galactic firm that turned into later corrupted with the aid of the Sith to kind the Empire. When Gerrera makes his live-motion debut (played with the aid of wooded area Whitaker), he is a terrorist chief with a purpose to fight the Empire's new rule. 

He became also killed with the aid of the dying famous person in "Rogue One" however the new "superstar Wars" sequence will demonstrate how his strategies brought about a divide between the militant and peaceable aspects of the rebellion.

"Andor" will be set within the equal time period as "big name Wars Rebels."

Mon Mothma in "megastar Wars Rebels." Disney+

"Andor" isn't the primary "superstar Wars" sequence to be set in the beginning of the rebel.

The animated series "superstar Wars Rebels" begins in 5 BBY in the universe's timeline, the identical year when "Andor" starts off.

The hit collection focused on a group of rebellious individuals who turn out to be joining up with the broader insurrection towards the Empire. Mothma even makes an appearance in season three when she is on the run from the Empire because of her affiliation with the revolt.

"Andor" may additionally exhibit key features of the "Rebels" story in are living action, reminiscent of Mothma's get away from the Empire or the involvement of Ahsoka, Vader's former apprentice, within the rebellion.

"Andor" premieres with three episodes on Disney+ on Wednesday.

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