Bam Margera Heading lower back to Rehab with Restructured application - TMZ

Bam Margera is lower back on the road to recovery, however this time ... they may be gonna be rejiggering things to steer clear of yet one more episode of escape déjà vu.

Sources related to Bam inform TMZ ... earlier this week the former 'Jackass' superstar again to his court docket-ordered rehab software, except there are some foremost adjustments going ahead that'll expectantly improvement him and everyone in his orbit.

We're advised Bam's group got his plan restructured a little bit through a choose ... with the predominant tweak being that he no longer needs to be in an in-patient facility, which naturally changed into no longer working.

only a reminder ... Bam has fled rehab distinctive instances in Florida over the past few months, only to be observed by using legislation enforcement and dragged returned to proceed his treatment. The fact it keeps happening time and again supposed a new approach was necessary ... so now, our sources say they're gonna try an outpatient method and pray for diverse results.

With that mentioned, the restrictions placed on Bam will proceed to be strict ... together with the truth he ought to continue to be sober, attend courses and continue seeing a psychiatrist -- same as if he have been within the precise facility.

if you are wondering how precisely issues became in view that final time -- when Bam become noticed at a bar in Florida -- this as he turned into interestingly on the grounds that fleeing the state -- we're informed his loved ones have been able to convince him to abandon that plan and notice this component through to the conclusion.

this is absolutely incredible news, however on the family unit front -- with his estranged spouse and child, mainly -- things are still icy ... as we're told Bam's been shut out completely.

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