Brad Pitt's paintings on monitor at Finland Gallery - TMZ

Brad Pitt is never just a stud in the film world -- the dude's doing huge issues within the artwork space too ... inserting his newest works on monitor in a land a long way, far-off.

The actor/producer interestingly submitted a number of items he created for a gallery exhibition over in Tampere, Finland. The event become held at a well-recognized museum, and it was dubbed "Thomas Houseago's WE with Nick Cave & Brad Pitt."

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It looks Brad had 9 distinct gadgets to display ... ranging from massive creations (like the bronze encasing, a la Han Solo's carbon freeze) to smaller ones -- such because the trapped bullets he crystalized in platinum silicon and the modest condominium miniature he constituted of tree bark.

The pictures of Brad's artwork had been captured by using artist/clothier DeBranne Treu, who says her hubby's buddies with Brad. She had nothing but praise for BP, writing ... "to claim his work is superb is a sarcasm as he is a true artist developing out of excessive ardour and power. The dedication to his craft is humbling and galvanizing."

ready to your permission to load the Instagram Media.

There are titles connected to a few of Brad's works of paintings, and that they're enjoyable. loads of the blocks of bullets appear to go by means of adaptations of this ... "Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the house," plus one more that reads, "Aiming At You I noticed Me but it was Too Late This Time."

other titles for his artwork include "Buried wants," "Slave to Our Vices," "apartment-A-Go-Go" and "Candle Holders for household." BP himself wasn't there in person for the displaying.

pretty astonishing stuff, however. 🧐

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