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The pandemic is pretty much over, correct?

For some, sure. For others, not so lots.

It become handiest June when unvaccinated Canadians were ultimately allowed to leave the nation, for motives uncertain to anyone. The vaccine doesn't stay away from transmission, so how did it make feel to retain the unvaccinated in the back of the frozen curtain? It didn't.

however that's Canada. It's completely misplaced the plot with COVID and chucked all its previously freedom-loving beliefs out the closest window, eh? the united states wouldn't behave like that, correct?

apart from we are.

Tennis participant Novak Djokovic couldn't shuttle to america to compete within the US Open in August because he's unvaccinated. No foreigner may enter the USA with out being thoroughly vaccinated. unless, of direction, they stroll across our border. That's correct. in case you're touring, dwell away together with your COVID-infested self. if you're trying to reside here always, deliver that COVID correct in.

if you're trying to find consistency in COVID-19 policies, which you can cease presently. None of it has ever made sense. The fractured have confidence between american citizens and our associations could be immeasurable. And the harm continues.

ny city kids don't need a COVID vaccination to attend faculties but do want it to play college sports. feel about this. These children can go to faculty, have lunch with their friends, take college journeys and play sports all the way through fitness center category, however they can't play in an after-college league.

Many youngsters rely on sports to pay for their better training. think about all the kids who not endeavor after college because they can't play activities.

If we're doing this for youngsters' "fitness," we're doing it all incorrect. The poor might be most harm via these no-science-any place guidelines. knowledgeable athletes playing in the city, absolutely, don't have any such mandate.

The New York City Department of Education fired another 850 teachers and classroom aides for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The big apple city department of training fired one other 850 academics and classroom aides for no longer getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Gregory P. Mango

It's now not simply activities. a couple of days in the past, ny city's department of schooling fired yet another 850 academics and lecture room aides, bringing the full to about 1,950 DOE people let go when you consider that the October 2021 vaccine mandate. It was a awful component to do, even returned then, however a year later we now have an avalanche of tips, in regards to the approach COVID spreads and what the vaccines can't do, that renders the choice no longer just silly but merciless.

as the post's Susan Edelman said a couple of days ago, "In all, NYC has fired greater than 2,600 municipal laborers now not absolutely vaccinated." This, after we're advised manhattan and so many different areas are within the middle of a teacher shortage. These teachers are exploring alternatives in far flung areas like manhattan. Make it make feel.

fogeys can also't enter ny school structures if unvaccinated. That includes fogeys of special-wants infants, who need to engage with academics. These nonsensical guidelines are inflicting lasting hurt.

if you're vaccinated and thinking "these people may still just get vaccinated," you're missing the element. I'm vaccinated, too. however there's fully no motive my Johnson & Johnson shot from March 2021 should still profit me any privileges now not accorded to others. studies demonstrate the vaccine's effectiveness wears off after a few months and transmission can turn up at any time.

pressured compliance for the enjoyable of it will no longer be fitness policy.

And no, boosters don't suggest you're any safer. actually, the Biden administration isn't labeling the latest shot a "booster" at all. White condominium spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre referred to as it a "new vaccine." You could end up lower back with the "unvaccinated" sooner than you think.

however don't take my note for it. all over the pandemic, the road from politicians forcing their will on us has been "We should take heed to the CDC!" The facilities for ailment control and Prevention, whose counsel we'd not noted whereas we ate sushi (a large no-no) and medium-cooked burgers (severely, are you trying to die at this picnic?), abruptly spouted the note of God.

neatly, the CDC recommends to "now not differentiate in line with someone's vaccination repute as a result of leap forward infections take place." Yet in some way we're not "following the science"?

It's maddening. And it's handy to overlook these individuals left in the back of. but we will suppose the consequences of their absence. The policeman who's now not jogging the beat, the firefighter who worked throughout the pandemic however now's off the job, the lecturers missing from your child's classroom as a result of they wouldn't do as they were advised. And we'll see repercussions from taking issues faraway from early life because they'd not comply.

we've received fully nothing with these vaccine mandates — but will have misplaced so a great deal.

Politicians did so many backward, horrible things in the name of safeguard right through COVID. The continuing vaccine mandates are a reminder that the pandemic is over for many, but the harm goes on.

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