Chicago climate: severe storms and tornados possible Sunday nighttime - Chicago Tribune

The national weather carrier warned of the possibility of robust to extreme storms in the Chicago area Sunday night and of one or two tornadoes.

but the main issues are hail and damaging winds of up to 70 mph, as well as heavy downpours that might result in localized flooding.


The storms might be moving in from the west over northern and imperative Illinois, in response to the weather carrier.

“nearly all of the severe hazard feels like it’ll stay off to the southwest of the Chicago metro, but there nonetheless is a possible that perhaps a higher extreme storm or two does make its way into the Chicago metro,” pointed out Rafal Ogorek, a meteorologist with the climate carrier.


Ogorek delivered that the risk for tornadoes in the Chicago metro became “very low.”

Meteorologists advocate people remain alert and comply with weather warnings during the evening and into the night.

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