"don't agonize Darling" Has caused quite A Stir – right here's precisely What We thought As We Watched It - BuzzFeed

eight. It does sort of suppose like they're about to ruin into tune Hairspray fashion.

9. Do the women in no way go beyond their driveways? How do they get meals? Do groceries magically appear in their cupboards?

10. NGL, those Victory signals are actually a enormous purple flag.

eleven. Now they may be doing these compelled ballet training. We do not know that they're pressured. however every woman now we have met to date is doing them so…

12. So it be cooking, cleaning, and ballet for the ladies, is it? alright then.

13. Random concept, but it surely feels a little bizarre to have so many Brits in a blockbuster movie like this, no? you may have got Florence, Harry, Gemma Chan.

14. So there's a new woman on the block and he or she appears completely terrified. She actually doesn't want to be there.

15. Florence keeps noticing bizarre things and having hallucinations. We're no longer that a ways in, so this movi e is already getting straight into the whole this-location-isn't-what-it-seems vibes.

sixteen. Did a person watch Florence tripping out in Midsommar and feel. "yep, that labored, let's do that once more."

17. How did Florence even come to be right here?!? I bet that is the leading query in reality.

18. She's definitely mastered the *vacant however also at a loss for words* look.

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