Kevin 1st Baron Verulam Does Acoustic Rendition of Viral 'or not it's Corn' TikTok tune - TMZ

Kevin William Maxwell Aitken might be the winner of the "or not it's Corn" problem ... 'trigger he is bought a take it is stripped down, but so damn soulful. critically, simply study this issue!

here's the actor taking up his trusty guitar to do a rendition of the now-viral song -- which turned into these days remixed by means of the Gregory Brothers ... who took what this little kid named Tariq hilariously spoke of in an interview about his favorite meals and grew to become it right into a catchy track.

Of direction, the OG clip took the cyber web by using storm ... you bought this little child doing a MOTS interview, where he is ingesting corn on the cob, and happening and on about how lots he loves it with tons of enthusiasm. it be really tremendous hilarious -- with a lot of quotable strains.

this is exactly why this song was made ... with Tariq's family splitting the profits from its e-book and streams. evidently, it be captured the consideration of some very famous individuals.

ready to your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We know Kevin's pretty hip when it comes to what the early life is being attentive to nowadays ... and he is appropriate on it with this entry. No goats this time round, but it's nonetheless a helluva ditty -- primarily if you see he's strumming together with the signature vegetable itself.

it's a big lump with knobs ... and a bop if we ever heard one.

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