Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspected to Have Auditioned for 'American Idol' - TMZ

Marjorie Taylor Greene has lots of people thinking she could've flexed her pipes on 'American Idol' as soon as upon a time -- in keeping with a viral video -- but the speculation is bogus.

The Georgia consultant is getting observed on Twitter at this time, but not for the regular political motives. This time it be about an historical 'Idol' clip from Season 1 that's making the rounds ... showing a rambunctious lady's audition in front of Simon, Paula and Randy.

The woman's identify is listed as Stefanie Sugarman, who informed producers at the time ('02), that she was 23 and from Alta Loma, CA (Rancho Cucamonga area). Her tryout definitely left an impact with audiences and the judges alike ... now not always in a great way either.

SS turned into eradicated after singing 'Knockin' Da Boots' and some colourful commentary. Like we said, she's a feisty one -- but extra importantly, she's additionally a useless ringer for MTG.

this is definitely what Twitter thinks, anyway, with many jumping the gun and suggesting this is, in reality, Rep. Greene performing below a stage identify. we are going to admit, they do look particularly identical ... and that they're both fairly outspoken, it looks. aspect is, Stefanie Sugarman is true!

We regarded her up, and public data exhibit there's in fact a Stefanie Sugarman with roots in Rancho/Alta Loma and San Bernardino County frequently. She seems to have married since -- now going under a different closing name -- and her age matches up too. She's now forty three.

Marjorie, of route, has a completely different heritage/DOB ... so yeah, it ain't her.

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