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Ye in his competencies future workplace photograph: SAUL LOEB / AFP (Getty photographs)

Kanye West (who now goes by way of Ye) is on a course all on his own, one which fully no different megalomaniacal bozo has ever walked earlier than. After turning his identify into an instantly recognizable global manufacturer, the artist these days determined to open up his very own un-authorised school, in spite of the fact that, through his own admission, he has under no circumstances really study "any ebook" (this in reality doesn't give us a sick experience of déjà vu). And now, in a really stunning, never-been-performed-before flip of activities, a celebrity notorious for an fully unhinged Twitter presence is searching for to benefit much more have an impact on over the American people by operating for president. again. What an inspiring experience!

In an interview with respectable Morning america published on September 22, Ye reassured his loyal base that he "absolutely" plans to revive his failed 2020 presidential campaign, youngsters he has yet to specify when. "that time wasn't in God's time," he stated of his first effort.

Ye famously conceded his self-funded, $6.8 million bid after he got just 60,000 votes in the twelve states where his name looked on the ballot, in keeping with BBC news. Why did his campaign flop so hard? according to the artist, it turned into as a result of he become a "radical" for pushing "the theory of family, the idea of God, the idea of protecting your babies's innocence for provided that viable."

"if you happen to eliminate the love and concern of God, you open up the love and concern of every little thing else. And it's more convenient to have sheep when individuals don't have God. It's less complicated to handle the individuals if individuals don't seem to be controlled by God. as a result of then they will also be controlled by what number of likes they have or something's going on on their TikTok or how lots cash or the belief that people have," he persisted.

It's also an awful lot more convenient to control the individuals if you manage the government, however that is apparently below our skills future commander-in-chief to point out. Who wants "reading" or "a president who in reality is aware of the rest about politics" anyway?

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