Prince Harry Accused Of Not Singing 'God Save The King' At Queen's Funeral - NDTV

Picture shows the Duke of Sussex looking around and not mouthing the words frequently.

The British royal family and more than 2,000 mourners gathered at Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Monday. They paid tribute to the monarch by singing 'God Save the King', but some eagle-eyed viewers said that Prince Harry didn't join the royals in singing the anthem. A short clip of the Prince seemingly not singing has gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

It shows the Duke of Sussex looking around and not mouthing the words frequently. His behaviour sparked a flurry of discussions online.

Many Twitter users accused the Prince of being "disrespectful".

While sharing the post, the user wrote, "Prince Harry not singing the national anthem." Some users expressed their disappointment with Prince Harry's actions in comments on the post, but others defended him by saying they could see him singing.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but it now applies to the King too," the user wrote further.

"Give him a chance. It's changed since the last time he sang it - he hasn't learnt the new words yet," wrote a user in the comment section of the post.

Another said, "I can see Harry's lips moving. He's obviously not singing like he's at karaoke, but he clearly forms the "Qu" sound and he shuts his mouth at the end. You're a hateful non."

A third user commented, "Edward wasn't singing either. I think it's sometimes hard to sing when you're emotional."

Harry was sitting behind his father, King Charles III, and the Queen consort and his step-mother Camilla. He had his wife Meghan Markle by his side throughout the service.


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