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post Malone is at present on tour in aid of his newest album Twelve Carat Toothache, and at his show on Saturday, September 17 in St. Louis, the vocalist stumbled over an opening on stage and injured himself, the St. Louis put up-Dispatch and TMZ report.

midway through his tune "Circles," the R&B singer tripped and partly fell into an on-stage opening that had been used to circulate his guitar, but hadn't been fully closed. Medics rushed to the stage and brought the musician into their care, and after a 15-minute length, he returned to the stage and apologized to enthusiasts for the incident.

"St. Louis, I'm so fucking sorry I ruined the demonstrate tonight, women and gentleman," he observed. "I promise next time I come round, I gained't fucking wreck y'alls nighttime, I'm sorry for that. That being pointed out, I wish to thank you to your patience and i'm sorry. There was a big-ass gap within the center of the stage that I just busted my ass on."

After the incident, submit went on to perform his songs "Rockstar" and "Cooped Up." He's nonetheless scheduled to operate in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, September 18, with extra dates on his Twelve Carat Tour slated for later this yr.

On Sunday (September 18), publish Malone took to social media to update fanatics on his condition. In a brief video, he thanked fanatics for his or her persistence, and stated that he is feeling more desirable after the autumn.

"We simply obtained lower back from the health center, everything's decent—they gave me some pain meds and every thing for you to keep kicking ass on the tour," he said. "I just wish to say sorry to each person in St. Louis, and that i wish to say thank you guys so a lot for coming to the display. And next time I'm around this fashion, we're gonna do a two-hour demonstrate so you might make up for the couple ignored songs that we ignored."

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