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Texas Governor Greg Abbott posed a lukewarm solution this week when challenged about his state's abortion ban that makes no exception for rape or incest: take Plan B.

The Republican governor's horribly thought out answer for victims of sexual assault turned into offered during a radio segment on the way to air Sunday on the local radio programme Lone star Politics, The Dallas Morning news first suggested.

"We want to support these victims, however additionally these victims can entry health care automatically, as well as to file it," Mr Abbott pointed out, possibly not realising that this solution misses the undeniable fact that, as currently as 2016, pretty much eighty per cent of rapes and sexual assaults go unre­por­ted, accord­ing to the Justice go away­ment.

"by way of having access to health care automatically, they can get the Plan B tablet that can prevent a being pregnant from taking place in the first region. with reference to reporting it to legislation enforcement, with the intention to be sure that the rapist should be arrested and prosecuted," the GOP governor multiplied.

before the Supreme court's resolution to reverse Roe v Wade came down in June, the Lone celebrity state still had one of the crucial nation's most restrictive rules when it came to performing the procedure.

within the fall of last 12 months, Texas handed a invoice that outlawed the technique in most circumstances after six weeks – when cardiac endeavor can first begin to be detected by clinicians in the embryo – making the ban colloquially known as a heartbeat bill.

Mr Abbott, who's facing a gubernatorial problem with the aid of modern Beto O'Rourke this autumn, has been known as out via his Democratic opponent for having ineffective policies when it comes to tackling the state's crime and reproductive rights.

"Greg Abbott signed the most intense abortion ban in the nation with out a exception for rape or incest," talked about crusade spokesman Chris Evans in an interview with The Dallas Morning information. "The arrest expense for rape has fallen by just about half due to the fact that he took office as he allows over 3,000 untested rape kits to assemble dirt in his state crime labs."

Mr O'Rourke's campaign spokesperson's accusation concerning the state's rape package backlog turned into confirmed proper in keeping with a fresh investigation performed by The Dallas Observer. within the local newspaper's findings, they uncovered that in the Texas department of Public defense (DPS), there are at present three,510 kits being validated throughout the state.

That list, the outlet brought up, doesn't consist of both separate backlogs from Dallas County, which don't seem to be part of the DPS. in one of these backlogs, with kits relationship lower back so far as 1996, there are 1,000 kits sitting dormant, and within the 2nd, running from 2011 to 2019, there ar e round 900 kits.

Even backyard of the governor's advice that the important thing to stopping undesirable pregnancies from rape would be reporting sexual assault, health experts balked at his solution that Plan B could be the only real solution to stopping unwanted pregnancies on the supply.

Emergency contraception, exceptionally in a state where Medicaid doesn't cover it for low-earnings people, isn't extensively available.

in addition, Plan B isn't completely effective at fighting undesirable pregnancies and is suspected to be even much less so if you're someone who is obese. based on a 2016 examine, people with a BMI of 30 or higher had a drastically decrease stage of levonorgestrel EC of their bloodstream than people with lessen BMIs.

backyard of efficacy, accessibility to emergency contraceptive is an important barrier that the governor didn't complex on whereas offering his remarks on the radio programme.

Public fitness specialists warned with in the equal Dallas Morning information article that physicians and clinical suppliers may well be wary of even broaching the topic of Plan B with sufferers, out of concern that it may violate the state's new law which includes broad language that suggests that proceedings may well be introduced against individuals who support, abet or operate abortions.

The Texas governor did concede on one element within the abortion ban debate. it's, he wanted to clarify the language around the state's new legal guidelines in order that it made it clear that once a person's life is in danger all over a being pregnant – comparable to right through an ectopic being pregnant – there can be exceptions.

"We need to provide more clarity of what we're doing to give protection to the life of the mom," Mr Abbott referred to. "There appears to be ambiguity accessible about preserving the life of the mother. That's of paramount importance, no matter if it be what's called an ectopic pregnancy, or it can be any other issues that moms are having. doctors should be aware about the entire various things they could do to store the life of the mom."

Mr Abbott and Mr O'Rourke will face off towards each different in the November midterms for the Texas governorship.

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