'Wheel of Fortune' Host Pat Sajak Ripped for image with Marjorie Taylor Greene - TMZ

Pat Sajak posing for a photo with Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting double takes on the internet -- principally after historical tweets of his have resurfaced that are raising eyebrows.

The "Wheel of Fortune" host stood shoulder to shoulder with the Georgia congresswoman and correct aspect Broadcasting community reporter Bryan Glenn in a photo that popped up out of nowhere Saturday. there isn't any context on where or when it turned into shot, but people do not care.

The fact he is there with them at all -- exceptionally Rep. Greene, smiling from ear to ear -- is ample for folks to be ripping him on Twitter ... which they fully are.

The reactions are brutal ... people are announcing that Pat's displaying his actual colorings here, and a few are even vowing to boycott his iconic video game exhibit as a result of this. One person jokingly pointed out Pat become pictured here with Vanna Whitesupremacist -- a reference to ... well, you get it.

Others are noting that Pat's truly expressed his conservative views during the past ... pointing to when you consider that-deleted tweets which are being attributed to him from years in the past.

whereas an outstanding quantity of Twitter clients seem to be essentially stunned with the aid of this ... others say here is historical information, because it's interestingly been normal where PS leans politically. still, the reality he is yukking it up with these two, especially, is a brand of conservativism that supply many pause.

or not it's been referred to that Pat looks to be on the verge of retirement, and if authentic ... might be he's simply letting all of it hang out in public. What this could do to his legacy is any individual's guess.

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