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Flu pictures help offer protection to against hospitalization and demise. (image: Getty pictures)

Fall season always ability the beginning of people wearing relaxed sweaters, sipping pumpkin spice lattés — and getting the flu.

It's some thing most people have not had to contend with for the previous couple of years as a result of the pandemic. during the 2020-2021 flu season, flu activity turned into "unusually low," according to the facilities for disease control and Prevention (CDC), thanks to COVID protection measures, similar to extra americans donning masks, upping their hand washing hygiene and staying home.

youngsters, as life has started returning to regular for many, flu situations are expected to climb this autumn and iciness, which is why consultants advocate getting the flu vaccine.

however when exactly for those who get one? and can you get a flu shot on the equal time as the Omicron booster? right here's what experts say.

First, why do americans want a flu shot each and every year?

The flu is truly caused by way of a number of distinctive influenza viruses. both styles of viruses liable for most people getting seasonal flu are influenza A and influenza B, and they each have their own subtypes and groups.

as a result of flu viruses are consistently altering, along with the undeniable fact that immunity wanes over time, the flu vaccine is reformulated each and every yr for better insurance plan. There's even a company — the world fitness firm's international Influenza Surveillance and Response equipment, which become dependent in 1952 — that monitors the ordinary changes in influenza viruses.

Dr. Pedro Piedra, professor of molecular virology and microbiology and of pediatrics at Baylor college of medicine, tells Yahoo lifestyles that it's a "good surveillance community globally that looks at what viruses are circulating, and then they formulate the ideal bet as to what needs to be modified in the vaccine" for that yr.

Piedra explains that, often, the vaccine can have an "essentially perfect in shape" with some of the traces that's circulating. He provides: "It's always complicated to have an ideal vaccine for all of the viruses which are circulating. however you don't all the time ought to have an ideal healthy to have cross insurance policy."

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How constructive is the flu vaccine?

Flu vaccines were proven to cut back the chance of getting to head to the medical professional with flu via 40% to 60%, based on the CDC. "Flu shot reduces the risk of severe flu indicators, hospitalization, ICU admission and dying," Dr. Riza Conroy, a household medicine doctor at the Ohio State institution Wexner medical core, tells Yahoo existence.

The vaccine can also support give protection to folks that are probably the most vulnerable to complications from flu viruses, which usually target toddlers 6 months to five years ancient, as well as adults age 65 and older, based on the Mayo medical institution. truly, the CDC states that flu vaccination will also be "lifesaving" for infants. A 2022 analyze found that flu vaccination decreased little ones's risk of lifestyles-threatening influenza with the aid of seventy five%.

"children can additionally die from flu," says Piedra. "generally, the toddlers who've died from flu had been infants that have not been vaccinated." He adds that "it's now not best older individuals" that may die from the flu. "infants have a more desirable risk of greater extreme problems, just like pregnant women do."

When is the most efficient time to get a flu shot?

youngsters influenza viruses are detected yr-circular, they circulate more broadly all over the fall and wintry weather months. Conroy elements out that flu season "peaks December to February but has been viewed to head up in situations around March, too, and can still be referred to all the strategy to may."

in line with Conroy, "The ideal time to get the flu vaccine is around October" so that you're covered for flu season, noting that the flu shot is "always in full impact two weeks after receiving the vaccine."

Peidra has the same opinion that October is "an outstanding month" to get vaccinated. but in common, specialists say there's no time just like the current. "This yr we're already seeing flu recreation," says Peidra, "and it's early."

Flu vaccine is advantageous for approximately five to six months, notes Conroy.

Who may still get a flu shot?

all and sundry 6 months or older should get the flu vaccine that's acceptable for their age, says Conroy, until your health care provider shows in any other case.

There are a few flu vaccines approved to be used in these as younger as 6 months ancient and older, while there are two vaccines accredited simplest for adults 65 years and older, based on the CDC. The nasal influenza vaccine, FluMist, is accessible for toddlers and adults a long time 2 to forty nine. It's additionally price noting that some toddlers 6 months to eight years ancient need two doses of flu vaccine.

can you get the Omicron booster and flu shot at the equal time?

yes, say experts. "which you can get the flu shot and Omicron booster at the equal time. There is not any contraindication giving each vaccines together," says Conroy,

despite the fact, if you haven't already gotten your suggested doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, the CDC recommends getting them as soon as viable, followed with the aid of a flu vaccine via the end of October.

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