A Broncos loss on Sunday makes a Bradley Chubb change much more possible - NBC sports

For trades to be executed on the time limit, contenders should be inclined to make a deal — and non-contenders deserve to be willing to admit they're now not contenders.

If the Broncos lose to the Jaguars on Sunday and fall to 2-6, they'll be much more more likely to admit they're now not contenders. Which makes a exchange of linebacker Bradley Chubb much more probably.

That's specifically the way it's being couched in league circles. A Chubb change turns into greater seemingly if the Broncos lose on Sunday.

Chubb, a primary-circular decide on in 2018, is in the alternative yr of his rookie contract. He's earning $12.716 million in base revenue this 12 months. He's due to be a free agent in March.

He has 5.5 sacks this season. His career excessive got here as a rookie, with 12.5.

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