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Dr. José Luis Domingo, who has served as editor-in-chief of a prestigious scientific journal, food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), for the previous seven years, noted that he has basically been compelled to resign.

His resignation, he alleged, has happen because of gaping complications with scientific integrity and business affect when it comes to scientific discussions about the safeguard of the COVID-19 vaccines.

notwithstanding Domingo has himself got three vaccinations (two AstraZeneca and one Pfizer), he told The Epoch times that he has been bombarded with insults, threats, and accusations of being "anti-vaccine" ever considering the fact that he accepted the publication of a scientific paper that explores skills mechanisms of damage of injected synthetic mRNA.

although he would have preferred to dwell on the helm of the journal unless the end of 2023 because he has a few tasks pending, Domingo has issued his resignation from the journal to retain his scientific independence.

He advised us he is first and foremost a scientist, and that he does not be apologetic about publishing the paper. regardless of the attacks, he became no longer willing to supply in to the pressure from the journal's writer.

The journal's writer, Jagna Mirska, did not reply to our request for an interview.

however, Domingo noted that the journal has already picked a successor for his position—somebody with clear ties to the pharmaceutical industry: Bryan Delaney, Ph.D.

in accordance with his LinkedIn web page, Delaney is a toxicologist who presently works for Haleon. Haleon is pharmaceutical colossal GlaxoSmithKlein's new brand identify for its customer fitness unit.

GSK manufactures vaccines against hepatitis A and B, meningitis, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, and human Papilloma virus, amongst others. It additionally makes company-identify antibiotics and dozens of different prescribed drugs.

An Authority on Toxicology

Seventy-one-yr-historic Domingo is a distinctive professor (emeritus) of Toxicology and Environmental health at Spain's Rovira i Virgili tuition.

In 2014, and once again in 2015, he turned into named an Institute for Scientific information highly stated researcher. As a renowned authority in toxicology, Domingo has served on the editorial boards of more than 11 scientific journals, including as editor-in-chief or co-editor-in-chief of food and Chemical Toxicology, Environmental analysis, and Human and Ecological risk assessment.

As its website explains: food and Chemical Toxicology is "an internationally renowned journal, that publishes original research articles and experiences on poisonous outcomes, in animals and people, of synthetic or natural chemicals taking place in the human environment with specific emphasis on food, medicine, and chemical substances, …"

The journal's mandate is to "submit excessive-affect, scholarly work" and "function a multidisciplinary discussion board for analysis in toxicology."

Given its aim, and the fact that hundreds of thousands of americans have taken injections that they have been advised would protect them from COVID-19 infections, Domingo wrote an editorial voicing his concerns in regards to the need for greater research on the protection of these vaccines.

He stated Jagna Mirska, senior writer at Elsevier, which is the enterprise that owns the journal, asked him to seriously change the editorial right into a demand submissions for analysis on the toxicity (or lack thereof) of the COVID-19 vaccines. So, in February 2022, Domingo issued a public demand submissions.

The Controversial Paper

subsequently, in June of 2022, while Domingo was still at its helm, FCT posted an mind-blowing and highly technical paper known as, "Innate immune suppression by using SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The position of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs."

This analysis changed into co-authored by a crew of preeminent scientists, together with Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of technology; Dr. Peter McCullough, an internationally widespread cardiologist who has published over a hundred peer-reviewed articles all over his 40-12 months career; and Dr. Anthony Kyriakopoulos, a Greek medical microbiologist, scientific doctor, and researcher who has a Ph.D. in scientific and molecular microbiology.

Their analysis proposed that modifications in the vaccine mRNA may also "cover the mRNA from mobile defenses and promote a longer organic half-life and high construction of spike protein."

In doing so, these scientists posited, mRNA vaccines may interfere with the body's herbal immune response.

They described this interference as "profound impairment," which, they accept as true with, comes about primarily since the spike protein interferes with a crucial early innate immune response mechanism, known as the type I interferon response. in the event that they are appropriate, injected synthetic mRNA could have numerous poor penalties on human health, including making our bodies less capable of handle infections and suppress cancer.

extra Scrutiny as a result of the delicate Nature of the subject

"due to the fact that the starting of the pandemic, most developed international locations have acted terribly quick in investigating a few points related to SARS-Co-V-2 and COVID-19," wrote Domingo, who pointed out that he has been the editor-in-chief of the journal for seven years and labored as the managing editor for 3 years prior.

Noting that "there are nonetheless a vital variety of gaps that need to be clarified … With appreciate especially to the talents poisonous consequences … the published suggestions in scientific journals is certainly fairly restricted."

Domingo's request for papers on vaccine security additional pointed out that "the purpose in calling for analysis on competencies toxicological outcomes of the vaccines, changed into to cut back skepticism to vaccination."

The journal FCT, which is posted through Elsevier, has a high affect factor, in keeping with the Scientific quotation Index, which capability that it is a very well-dependent and professional journal.

as a result of Domingo knew that this become a "very sensitive social and scientific topic," he advised us that he became above all meticulous concerning the evaluate process.

all through commonplace peer evaluate, two or three outside scientists familiar with the field provide written remarks on even if a paper should be published or not.

within the case of this work, although, Domingo known as on no fewer than five backyard peer-reviewers. These peer-reviewers scrutinized the science with further care. They offered exact written remarks and required the authors to do three rounds of revisions.

After the third generation, all 5 were unanimous in recommending the paper be accredited.

Backlash, however now not about the Science

a couple of month after the paper changed into published, Domingo spoke of, he started receiving angry emails and messages. These protected insults, calls to resign, calls for to retract the paper, and even threats.

One e-mail requested him how he might sleep at night, realizing that the scientific paper that he had allowed to be posted would result in the death of thousands and thousands of individuals.

The angry messages, he said, had been stuffed with ad hominem assaults against him and in opposition t the paper's co-authors, however did not specify their scientific objections to the contents of the paper. Domingo welcomed one scientific response he did acquire and informed the authors his journal become inclined to post a Letter-to-Editor (LTE) from them if the LTE might circulate peer assessment, which is the typical process for any published rebuttal. He despatched the rebuttal to four reviewers, which is higher than common, once more because of the delicate nature of the subject.

Two said it didn't move scientific muster. Two suggested the authors revise it and resubmit it. based on this feedback, Domingo mentioned, he should have rejected the rebuttal outright. as an alternative, he invited the authors to revise and resubmit. Their revision, youngsters, was so "scientifically negative" that three of the four reviewers said it can now not be published. when you consider that he, too, found that the rebuttal changed into no longer scientifically sound, he felt he had no option—in spite of what he known as "type counsel" from the writer—to reject it.

given that then, seasoned-vaccine factions have expanded their very own crusade towards him, going as far as to including false tips to the Wikipedia entry about him, as well as attacking the Wikipedia web page of the journal itself. each, he referred to, were negatively modified by way of seasoned-vaccination activists. indeed, an Oct. 4 version of his web page, accessed by means of internet archive, protected a subheading entitled "Antivaccine controversy" that accused Domingo of "spreading disinformation all over the pandemic." That paragraph has considering been removed.

The published Rebuttal

On Oct. 26, a rebuttal and call for retraction of the Seneff paper was published in a distinct scientific journal Stem mobilephone reviews and stories. during this demand retraction, a group of nine scientists, from France and Sweden, among other nations, contend that "fighting the spread of false suggestions requires enormous effort while receiving little or no credit for this indispensable work, which frequently finally ends up being threatened."

of their summary, the scientists insist that "The need for extra scientific integrity is at the coronary heart of our advocacy." They describe the Seneff et. al. paper as "deadly disinformation."

The authors of the rebuttal contend that they have made a "militant alternative" to demand retraction since the situation is "now not a scientific controversy, however a count number of public health."

They extra state that combating against scientific disinformation "can be dangerous, too slow and insufficient."

They end their militant demand retraction with a quote from Joseph Biden, president of the U.S., that "the best pandemic we now have is among the unvaccinated; and they're killing americans" (which they emphasize with the aid of putting in italics) and say that this quote "applies specifically to the americans who motivate the unvaccinated's beliefs."

No quotation accompanies the rivalry that there is currently a virus of the unvaccinated. That remark is not scientific. It cannot be noted because it is not true. lots of the fresh research shows that the vaccines do not stop the transmission of COVID-19 and that the majority of deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 are in folks that have been vaccinated.

mRNA Injections Aren't protected, Scientists Say

"i am honored to be collaborating with an expert team of researchers who're passionate in regards to the goal of unraveling the toxic effects of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines," Seneff, with whom Jennifer has posted two Epoch instances articles, informed us by means of e mail. "This same team has written a different paper that has been authorised for ebook and will appear almost immediately in a peer-reviewed journal, and we're engaged on a couple of more papers which are both below overview or soon to be submitted.

"all of us share the belief that the mRNA vaccines are causing hurt to many americans, and that vaccine mandates are irresponsible and unjustified," she persevered.

"it is unconscionable that those of us who searching for to have in mind the science in the back of the toxicity of these vaccines face so many barriers in our efforts to notify the general public of the hazards they could be taking in receiving these injections. And it's also unconscionable that liable editors who are trying to publish papers corresponding to ours that go in opposition t the narrative get banished from the publishing world."

regardless of having bought three vaccines, Domingo himself came down with COVID-19 in July.

"With me, the vaccines didn't offer protection to sufficiently," he stated.

since the starting of 2022, we have considered many scientists and scientific docs risking their careers, their medical licenses, and even their own defense to combat for scientific freedom and integrity.

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