Eric Burton botches countrywide anthem lyrics before World sequence - ESPN

HOUSTON -- Grammy-nominated singer Eric Burton misplaced track of the lyrics all through "The megastar-Spangled Banner" earlier than Friday evening's World sequence opener between Houston and Philadelphia.

With players and staff lined up on the container for the common pregame ceremony, and a large American flag unfurled across the outfield, the Black Pumas band leader went off beam on the 2d line. He sang: "What so proudly we hail'd on the twilight's closing streaming" in its place of "sparkling."

  • He persisted correctly with: "Whose broad stripes and vibrant stars during the perilous fight." but then, in its place of "O'er the ramparts we watch'd were so gallantly streaming?" he backtracked to "What so proudly we hail'd on the twilight's closing" before once again singing "streaming" in its place of "sparkling."

    Burton then picked up correctly with "And the rocket's pink glare, the bomb bursting in air" and entire uneventfully.

    Burton carried out at last 12 months's televised concert for President Joe Biden's inauguration.

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