PM Rishi Sunak gets greeted by Larry the cat on his way to new residence. Watch - Hindustan Times

Rishi Sunak was recently announced as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. As the new UK PM begins his day, Larry the cat has stolen his thunder once again. For the unversed, Larry the cat is a tabby who lives in Downing Street. The cat has maintained his position as mouser-in-chief for almost 11 years. The cat kept his composure, and proceeded on with his morning stroll as Rishi Sunak made his way through a road.

In a video shared on Twitter, Larry the cat can be seen strolling down the sidewalk as Sunak enters the house for the first time as prime minister. Sunak, however, didn't acknowledge the cat and continued walking without turning to look at him. The video was shared by Twitter user @GeorgieProRadio. In the caption, they wrote, "How did Larry know Rishi Sunak was coming?! @Number10cat."

Since this video was shared, it has been viewed more than one lakh times. The video also has 3879 likes and several comments. One person in the Twitter comments wrote, "Because Larry @Number10cat is the most intelligent tenant of 10 Downing St. It's obvious, He is a Cat, and He knows stuff." Another person said, "I like the way the radio quietly announces "the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom" as the cat walks up." "Good job, I'm not the new PM. I'd have been sat on the floor giving Larry snuggles," said a third.

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