Powerball jackpot hits $1 billion — but simplest in case you pick the much less-time-honored prize alternative. if you win, right here's the tax bill - CNBC

The jackpot for Powerball's Monday evening drawing is a whopping $1 billion.

variety of, anyway.

The advertised number represents the pretax quantity you would get if you have been to get hold of your windfall as an annuity unfold over three decades. Yet most jackpot winners select the upfront one-time money charge â€" which, for this drawing, is less than half the annuitized volume and also is a pretax determine: $497.3 million.

The annuity option is higher than it has been, relative to the money choice, as a result of higher hobby costs that make it possible for the game to fund greater annuitized prizes, in line with the Multi-State Lottery association, which runs Powerball. The cash option, besides the fact that children, is driven via ticket income.

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So what would you pay in taxes in case you have been to beat the chances and land the jackpot?

Assuming you have been like most winners and selected the money alternative, a 24% federal tax withholding would reduce the $497.3 million via $119.4 million.

Yet more would probably be because of the IRS at tax time. The proper federal earnings tax price is 37% and this yr applies to income above $539,900 for particular person tax filers and $647,850 for married couples. next year, the desirable expense is imposed on revenue above $578,one hundred twenty five (people) and $693,750 (married couples).

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This means that until you were able to in the reduction of your taxable revenue with the aid of, say, making charitable donations, an additional 13% â€" or about $64.7 million â€" can be as a result of the IRS. that would translate into $184.1 million going to federal coffers in all, leaving you with $313.2 million.

State taxes might also be due, depending on the place the ticket become purchased and the place you reside. while some jurisdictions don't have any income tax â€" or don't tax lottery winnings â€" others impose a excellent tax fee of greater than 10%.

however, the winner would end up with greater funds than most people see in a lifetime or two. 

And, of direction, you doubtless may not should be concerned about how lots the jackpot actually would carry â€" the possibility of a single ticket matching all six numbers drawn in Powerball is ready 1 in 292 million.

meanwhile, Mega millions' jackpot is $87 million ($forty two.8 million cash) for Tuesday nighttime's drawing. The chance of your ticket hitting the jackpot in that game is roughly 1 in 302 million.

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