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Quentin Tarantino says "there's no reality" to Kanye West's declare that the rapper got here up with the conception for Tarantino's 2012 movie, "Django Unchained," and the director stole it.

The filmmaker, who gained an Oscar for writing the freed-slave drama starring Jamie Foxx, has refuted the embattled rap artist's remarks, which West made all through a contemporary interview with pundit Piers Morgan.

West, who legally modified his identify to Ye ultimate 12 months, contended that he came up with the conception for "Django" for his 2005 music "Gold Digger."

"There's not reality to the conception that Kanye West got here up with the idea of 'Django' and then he told it to me and i go, 'hey, wow, that's a really superb theory, let me take Kanye's theory and make "Django Unchained" out of it.' ok. That didn't turn up," Tarantino mentioned Thursday when acting on "Jimmy Kimmel are living." (pass to the 17:30-m inute mark of their interview.)

"I'd had the idea for 'Django' for a long time before I ever met Kanye," he brought.

The filmmaker and writer, fifty nine — whose new booklet, "Cinema hypothesis," drags movie criticism (together with critics at the l. a. instances) — mentioned that Ye desired to enlist directors to work with diverse tracks from his 2004 album, "The school Dropout," and "liberate it as this colossal film.

"So we used it as an excuse to fulfill each and every different. So we meet each and every different, and we had a very respectable time. And he did have an idea for a video — and that i do feel it turned into for the 'Gold Digger' video — that he can be a slave," Tarantino recalled.

"And the whole factor became the slave narrative, where he's the slave, and he's singing 'Gold Digger.' And it become very funny. It was a really, really humorous thought ... it turned into meant to be ironic. It's like a major musical," he brought. "I mean, like, no fees spared, all right? With him in this, like, slave rag outfit doing every thing. Then that became also part of the pushback on it. but I hope he had performed it. It sounded in reality cool. Anyway, that's what he's relating to."

The "Gold Digger" track video ended up that includes Foxx and West dancing with pin-up fashions instead.

The song and trend magnate has bought common condemnation and precipitously fallen from grace in fresh weeks after making antisemitic remarks and false claims concerning the death of George Floyd, whose family is suing the rapper for harassment, misappropriation and defamation.

Ye, who made a failed White condo run in 2020, has been making outlandish and hurtful claims for years, together with infamously asserting in 2018 that slavery became "a decision."

however his fresh provocations — corresponding to wearing a "White Lives count" shirt alongside right-wing commentator Candace Owens and having a couple of Black fashions in his Yeezy trend display do the same — have resulted in expert fallout and quick suspensions from Instagram and Twitter.

(His Twitter account turned into recently restored, with many speculating the reactivation needed to do with Elon Musk's takeover of the platform.)

during the past week, the Grammy Award winner was dropped through ability company CAA and reportedly by using his record label. international brands together with Adidas, JP Morgan Chase, Balenciaga, the gap, Foot Locker and Peloton have ended their partnerships with him too. The rapper become escorted out of Skechers' big apple beach headquarters prior this week after arriving unannounced, and his Donda Academy appears to be shuttering.

He lower back to Instagram on Wednesday and claimed he "lost 2 billion dollars in one day."

On Thursday, CNN reported that West lengthy admired Adolf Hitler and made remarks about the Nazi dictator, remarks that had been reduce from his infamous TMZ interview in which he talked about slavery become "a decision."

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