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The Jet celebrity roller coaster in Seaside Heights fell into the ocean when Sandy destroyed on line casino Pier in 2012. At correct is what the pier seems like in 2022. (Andy Mills | NJ improve Media)

When the storm came, buildings crumbled into pieces and were carried away through floodwaters. Others have been leveled in region through toppled trees, leaving little proof of what stood before.

Roads broke aside. automobiles were tossed about. Boats landed on residential streets. Majestic trees that had lined neighborhoods for many years had been uprooted after being pummeled with the aid of unrelenting rain and wind.

concerning the Reporting

photos of the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and what the state appears like 10 years after the storm had been taken through personnel photographers Tim Hawk, Saed Hindash, Andy Mills, Ed Murray and Patti Sapone. Contributing photographers consist of Aristide Economopoulos, Mary Iuvone, Noah k. Murray, Jim Lowney, Tim Farrell, Tony Kurdzuk, John Munson and Jerry McCrea.

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