Amy Schneider Wins ‘Jeopardy! tournament of Champions’ and $250,000 Prize - diversity

Amy Schneider, a creator from Oakland, Calif., has received the 2022 "Jeopardy! event of Champions," it was revealed on Monday. She became the primary openly trans contestant to high-quality for the match, and now she's the first to win the grand prize of $250,000.

"I believe marvelous," Schneider mentioned after the win become announced. "prior in the finals, I had this sudden moment of seeing myself and being like, 'I'm on stage in the tournament of Champions finals,' and that became loopy. and that i gained! It's a good feeling."

The last episode of the tournament aired Monday night and noticed Schneider go head-to-head with fellow semi-finalists Andrew He and Sam Buttrey. by means of the end of the closing game, Schneider walked away with the $250,000 prize, whereas He and Buttrey took 2nd and third area, respectively.

"Any of the three of us in reality may have received if a really small variety of issues had long gone in a different way," Schneider mentioned. "I'm completely satisfied we acquired a extremely fair possibility to test our talents against every different."

The closing Jeopardy class become "plays," and the clue read as follows: "The Jan. 12, 1864 Washington night celebrity pronounced on a performance of this 'speeding comedy' to 'a full and delighted residence.'"

Schneider bet $13,000 on her response, and guessed appropriately with the reply "what's 'Our American Cousin?'" The hefty gamble secured her victory with a remaining score of $28,600. He finished with $17,001 and Buttrey lost all of it on an unsuitable response.

in advance of her appearance on this year's "event of Champions," Schneider had a winning streak of forty consecutive games right through her 2021 "Jeopardy!" debut in Season 38 — a lofty listing handiest surpassed with the aid of present host Ken Jennings, who had a 74-game win streak as a contestant.

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