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Andor (Diego Luna) looks towards his future. picture: Lucasfilm

because the closing credits rolled on what has been some of the top-quality superstar Wars of all time, you practically didn't want to see Andor do anything that might possibly be considered spinoff of up to date blockbuster leisure. No huge cameos, no massive surprises, just respectable ancient-long-established storytelling. but then whatever popped up on the end of the credits and, smartly, it become excellent in a extremely Andor manner.

in case you missed it, as credits ended, we're cut in tight on some variety of floor. Droids are placing items into it and, at once, we appreciate these items are the things Cassian and his fellow prisoners on Narkina 5 have been making on daily basis. The digital camera continues to tug back and, at that element, sure, your bet changed into relevant. The items are part of the weapon that's at the core of the dying star, which is finally revealed in its full, beneath-construction glory in the last shot.

Most fans comprehend that chronologically, after the hobbies of Andor season two come the movements of Rogue One. Cassian goes to satisfy Jyn Erso and group up with a group of heroes to steal the plans of this combat station, resulting in its destruction, and their deaths. So in that element, this scene acts as an ideal tease for the future. Cassian's destiny is leading towards this, and he had a component in building it. youngsters, if for some motive you had been observing Andor and didn't understand that, it also acts as a thrilling superstar Wars exhibit: "Whoa. The dying star." So it really works on each levels.

It's coming. Screenshot: Lucasfilm

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through placing this scene right here at the conclusion of the credits even though, the demonstrate does precisely what it's executed so well all season. We get a piece of suggestions that we've been craving (what had been the prisoners constructing?) in a method that forwards and teases what's forward (the loss of life megastar, in addition to Cassian's fate), but also doesn't display the rest of real value to the story or characters. There's no tease of ok-2SO. No trace of Cassian meeting Mon Mothma. It's a separate, but nevertheless beneficial, addition.

Plus, you don't ought to see this scene to remember what's coming next. if you grew to become off the episode when the credits started, that you can decide on up next season and be absolutely best. It's no longer like a surprise scene where if you missed it you might be completely misplaced. "How did Captain wonder find out about this?" or "Wait, when did we learn that T'Challa had [spoiler here]?" No, here's just a bonus. A enjoyable addition for any individual who desires that little bit more, which is simultaneously vital and not within the overall scheme of things. and how Andor is that?

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