Dr. Fauci's legacy torched: 'ultimate example' of why nobody may still be in a position of power that long - Fox information

"The 5" co-host Dagen McDowell on Wednesday blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief scientific consultant to the White house, for his COVID counsel forward of the holidays and his legacy in managing the pandemic.

DAGEN MCDOWELL: The most effective quality thing I need to say about Tony Fauci, or to Tony Fauci, is bye, don't let the door hit you the place the good lord split you. in reality, i hope the door does hit you on the a--. Goodbye. he is a contemptible vigour-hungry, bureau-hack, and the danger is he's a perfect instance of why somebody may still in no way be ready of energy for that long. 


He was, to paraphrase Brit Hume, he's an epidemiologist, make sure you had been in charge of fighting the disease, not our economy, now not our little ones's development, now not groups, not our babies's education, none of it. Trillions of greenbacks of wealth become destroyed on account of him. groups had been beaten. children had been setback for their lifetimes. We're on a economic trajectory to a horrible burden within the coming decades, and he'll on no account pay the expense and that i assure you he gets a job from some left-wing hack.

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