Elvira Says Kylie Jenner Did Costume Justice, wanted to Get Tagged - TMZ

Kylie Jenner dressed up as Elvira for Halloween -- and she's obtained the horror queen's stamp of approval, with one proviso.

Elvira tells TMZ ... "I didn't get a heads up that Kylie become doing the costume, however she did the costume justice and it became very flattering." whereas it appears like Elvira become digging the shout-out, she goes on to say an actual digital identify-drop would've been favored.

ready to your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She provides, "it would have been much more flattering if she tagged me."

Kylie threw up at the least four distinct Instagram posts showing off her costume -- which turned into recreated to suit Elvira's iconic appear to a T. that you would be able to inform she respects the one and only, but as Elvira mentions ... Kylie certainly not in fact linked the digital dots for a notification.

She did tag the studio that shot these, and even gave herself a nickname ... "kyvira." Kylie acquired a lot of love in the comments, however does not seem that Elvira herself mentioned the rest. it's additionally unclear if she formally "favored" any of Kylie's posts.

The message can expectantly be relayed here though ... Elvira's grateful for the love, however go the entire way subsequent time!

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