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On the protection

They get loads of consideration inner our application. basically doing a great job. all the positions are playing definitely neatly. The linebackers, the interior defensive position are having an outstanding season. Mazi and Kris Jenkins, Mason Graham. simply doing so first rate. The area guys, simply so many definitely first rate players doing an excellent job. they're in fact smartly-coached. Jesse and Mike Elston and Clink, what he's doing on the returned conclusion is really first rate and basically special. The corners now, there is a very good rotation with DJ and Mikey, Gemon and should. The safeties, Rod Moore doing a huge job. wish I had greater Rod Moore's, that man is a tackling computing device. gets them on the floor. cannot say ample basically first rate things. How they are operating to the ball, the team defense, it be been extremely good. keep 'er going.

On Donovan Edwards' popularity

No, I would not have an replace right now.

On even if he is tempted to are attempting different things on offense

i assumed we did reveal some various things today. received down to the crimson zone and J.J. scores on a quarterback sweep. Blake Corum changed into tremendous on the block, it was an immense block through him. obtained a large-open Ronnie Bell, additionally, in the endzone. Blake Corum, an additional awesome online game by way of him. I suppose he rushed for one hundred forty yards however there wasn't a long one. There wasn't a 50-yarder these days like there has been. simply basically decent, tough, running. It became important to them, so lots complicated work has long gone into the crew being undefeated. So many guys have executed so plenty. Work so challenging. Some guys have been banged up alongside the style. loads of complicated work has long gone in and want to hold it going. it's crucial for them to hold this undefeated streak, this win streak, going.

On what went into the playcalling at the end of the half

i used to be beating myself up. they had 12 men on the container. I may've just taken the penalty and it will've been first and five, that might've been the way to do it. Blake had six more complicated yards of working. I declined it so he had these six yards. in fact did can charge us one play because the clock had run and i may still've known as a timeout there. within the conclusion, it did cost us one play.

On no longer the use of timeouts

if you happen to're going for something on fourth down, you want the clock to run if you do not get the first down. You do not are looking to give any time for the opponent to have a clock in case you do not make the third down if you don't make the fourth down.

On the play motion play for Blake Corum and his block

Been doing whatever thing different, right?

On getting a quarterback in rhythm with restrained throwing alternatives

Yeah, I suggest, that's valid.

On what the receivers can do to assist J.J. with the deep balls

We were close, once again, on a pair today. It become in reality relatively decent coverage. one of the deep balls we threw had been neatly-covered.

On even if it's a tricky line to maintain working the ball compared to passing it

You steadiness it. should you're getting 5 yards a lift, six yards a carry. It receives hard to simply say let's throw it. Put it on me. i could take accountability that the pass stats weren't higher than they had been. Be happy to be 10-0 and movement on to Illinois.

On no matter if it has to alternate relocating ahead

we are going to see. we're going to do what we consider—after we're in video game, gives us the top-rated opportunity of successful the video game. we've had these conversations before. that you can go through air or you can go the ground. today changed into the day we chose to go extra on the ground. George Patton would be proud.

On even if he displays on how far the program has are available two years

simply going 1-0. it's what we're making an attempt to do every week. really proud. in reality pleased with the team. The avid gamers are the ones that deserve essentially the most credit. They work so darn challenging and they're such a real tight-knit group. or not it's fun. or not it's a blissful, satisfied journey that we're on. or not it's not some thing—it be a mission however it's a contented mission. now not one which has any nervousness or any anger or any variety of fear to it. simply a contented experience.

On Gemon eco-friendly

good, actually good. Watched him closely on fairly just a few of the downs. became basically chuffed to peer him again out there, chuffed to peer him playing neatly again. Picked up appropriate where he left off after missing the remaining video game with a concussion. It changed into good. All those corners presently, it be respectable. there may be depth. whether DJ's available, Will's out there, Gemon's obtainable, Mikey's available. they are all taking part in in reality respectable as a gaggle on the lower back-end as neatly because the safeties.

On Mason Graham

in fact from day one, he got here in doubtless someone that—he simply went to work correct away. showed up within the first couple of practices after which, good enough, it really is in shorts but lets see what it looks like in pads. correct away in pads, he became basically good. just a heckuva participant at a position where you actually need defensive tackles. Having him and Kenneth provide are available in the equal class, those are both guys that i used to be referring to returned in the summer that had been gifts from the football gods. they're continuing to play really respectable. definitely bodes well for our crew to have both of those two freshmen nearly as good as they and they're inexperienced persons. or not it's extraordinary.

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