Mike Pence says Trump turned into 'reckless,' endangered him on January 6 - company Insider

  • Mike Pence blasted Trump's words and actions on January 6, 2021, in a new interview.
  • Pence changed into "angered" when Trump focused him in a tweet while Pence become barricaded in the Capitol.
  • He talked about Trump endangered him and his household along with his statements that day. 
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    Former vice chairman Mike Pence noted that Donald Trump endangered him and his family unit on January 6, 2021, in his most scathing comments yet about that day.

    In an excerpt of an interview with ABC information that aired Sunday, Pence described then-President Trump's movements as "reckless" and said he became angered when Trump for my part centered him in a tweet. 

    Pence changed into barricaded together with dozens of other lawmakers as rioters descended on the Capitol building in an attempt to halt the certification of President-pick Joe Biden that day. 

    At 2.24 p.m., after the riot had begun, Trump vented his frustration at Pence for his refusal to dam the certification, tweeting: "Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what should still were executed to give protection to our country and our charter." 

    When Pence was requested about this via ABC news' David Muir, there become a protracted silence earlier than he referred to: "It angered me."

    He endured: "but I grew to become to my daughter who turned into standing nearby, and that i observed, 'It doesn't take courage to wreck the legislation. It takes courage to uphold the law.'

    "The president's phrases have been reckless. or not it's clear he determined to be part of the problem."

    In another excerpt noted by using ABC information, Pence spoke of: "The president's phrases had been reckless and his moves have been reckless."

    He persevered through announcing that Trump's comments at the rally earlier than the insurrection all started "endangered me and my family and everyone on the Capitol building."

    In June, the January 6 Committee heard how rioters chanted "hold Mike Pence" at the Capitol — a phrase which then trended on Twitter within the days that followed, because the Guardian suggested. 

    The interview changed into trailed on Sunday, with additional ingredients to be released Monday. In Pence's memoir, "So assist Me God," to be published on Tuesday, he wrote about his reaction to January 6, saying that the rioters had "desecrated the seat of our democracy" with the assault.

    In yet another excerpt from the publication, Pence wrote that his relationship with Trump had badly deteriorated after it grew to become clear that the previous vp would not support Trump overturn the outcomes of the election. 

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