NFL vigour Rankings Week 12: ny teams fall from grace - Arrowhead pride

As I classification this, i am currently observing Poland vs. Mexico in the FIFA World Cup. i'll now not lie: not a great deal has happened. that is kinda how I felt about gazing NFL crimson Zone on Sunday. Yeah, i was watching the games — however turned into it always wonderful me? No.

I mean, it doesn't support when the video games In Baltimore and New England combined for a complete of twenty-two points.

The one saving grace for Poland vs. Mexico is the uniform healthy-up. The white-purple-white of Poland vs. the eco-friendly-white-pink is the best uniform matchup I have viewed given that... neatly, Sunday night.

The Chiefs' white-on-white in opposition t the Chargers' powder blue was a component of elegance.

This week's voters were Stephen Serda, Rocky Magana, Jared Sapp, Stan Nelson, Zach Gunter, fee Carter, Connor Helm, Nate Christensen, Dakota Watson and myself.

1. Kansas metropolis Chiefs (1st)

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes are the most efficient tight end-quarterback duo of all time.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (2nd)

The Eagles performed simply as poorly in opposition t the Colts as the Chiefs did — however at the least they bought out with the win.

three. Buffalo expenses (5th)

at first, it gave the look of they might combat with the Browns — however then the bills remembered who they're — and who the Browns are.

four. Miami Dolphins (3rd)

A team to monitor after their bye.

5. Dallas Cowboys (8th)

I consider bad that this crew will should go on the highway on Wild Card Weekend.

6. San Francisco 49ers (7th)

Deebo is anything else.

7. Baltimore Ravens (6th)

They're no longer going to threaten the Chiefs with performances like that.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (ninth)

Their all-white uniforms are no approach close as satisfactory as the Chiefs' edition.

9. Minnesota Vikings (4th)

This week tested why nobody believes in them.

10. Tennessee Titans (tenth)

This crew is very good at what they do.

11. Seattle Seahawks (thirteenth)

per week off after their German experience.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14th)

per week off for the Bucs.

13. New England Patriots (fifteenth)

defense = EliteSpecial teams = EliteOffense = smartly...

14. new york Giants (12th)

The long island bubble is bursting.

15. la Chargers (sixteenth)

They left Patrick Mahomes how a great deal time?

16. big apple Jets (eleventh) This week's greatest faller

They mandatory to circulation on from Zach Wilson... like, the day past.

17. green Bay Packers (seventeenth)

Season. Over.

18. Washington Commanders (twenty second) Tied for this week's optimum riser

old friend Kendall Fuller received himself an interception.

19. Arizona Cardinals (18th)

Mexico shouldn't were made to suffer them.

20. Atlanta Falcons (nineteenth)

Is Corderelle Patterson a corridor-of-Famer?

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (twenty third)

For once, the offense pulled their weight. lamentably, the defense didn't.

22. Cleveland Browns (21st)

Jacoby Brissett isn't it.

23. los angeles Rams (20th)

The Chiefs are 14.5 element favorites in opposition t the Rams. that says a great deal.

24. New Orleans Saints (25th)

What were these uniforms about?

25. Detroit Lions (twenty seventh)

Jamaal Williams is a landing desktop.

26. Las Vegas Raiders (28th)

i used to be kinda satisfied the Raiders won, to be sincere.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (twenty fourth)

It turned into exceptional now not having to monitor them play.

28. Indianapolis Colts (twenty ninth)

what's it about this team that continues to bother contenders?

29. Chicago Bears (twenty sixth)

The Bears look ready while also dropping. A general supervisor's dream.

30. Denver Broncos (thirtieth)

sixteen aspects at home towards the Raiders. Too funny.

31. Carolina Panthers (thirty first)

Offensively inept.

32. Houston Texans (thirty second)

Davis Mills' QB score was forty nine.7. His time as the starter in Houston is coming to an end.

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