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The proprietor of Joe's provider core in Altadena, California, who got here to the USA from Syria in 1980 with $14,000 in his pocket, is now a millionaire after selling the only successful Powerball lottery ticket.

California Lottery officials offered the determine to Joe Chahayed and his sons Joe Jr. and Danny on a rainy election day outside of their fuel station.

Chahayed referred to lottery officers have been looking forward to him before he opened his shop this morning. "They noted, 'congratulations, your station sent a winner,'" he recounted.

Chahayed hopes the winner is from the neighborhood, and is blissful a component of the lottery cash will go against California schools. "I even have 11 grandchildren and that i have to share with them," he referred to, then thanked the media for popping out in the rain to have fun the winnings. "I inspire you to purchase a ticket from this station. We assure you someday you're going to be winners too," pointed out Chahayed.

"someone is retaining on to a extremely crucial piece of paper this morning worth $2.04 billion, that's two billion forty million dollars," mentioned Carolyn Becker, California Lottery spokesperson. "That adult needs to preserve it protected. we will not know who they are until they arrive forward, but we've a 2nd listing to talk about nowadays and that's California lottery raised extra cash than ever thanks to one turning out to be jackpot for California public schools." She pointed out here's the primary time the California lottery has created a billionaire.

Chahayed came to america forty two years in the past with his spouse and two children. "I work hard, seven days a week, I raise my youngsters, graduate from college, I purchased a condo, and i purchased a enterprise all as a result of I work difficult and that i'm a decent man," Chahayed boasted.

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