superstar Prisoners' Thanksgiving Day Feasts revealed - TMZ

Celebrities like R. Kelly and Harvey Weinstein are spending an additional Thanksgiving behind bars ... whereas Josh Duggar and Fetty Wap are spending the break in penal complex for the first time, however their menus are in the main common and ample.

TMZ received reformatory and penal complex menus from across the country -- specifically from spots the place big names are locked up. now not every person's getting turkey, but they will all be feeling fowl!

right here's a breakdown of the Thanksgiving nutrients:

Duggar at FCI Seagoville:

-- cut up turkey breast, baked ham, sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, vegetable lasagna, veggie meatloaf, eco-friendly bean casserole, rolls, break pies and cranberry sauce

R. Kelly at MCC Chicago:

-- Baked cornish hen, mac & cheese, candy potato casserole, cornbread dressing, eco-friendly beans and break dessert

"Cheer" celebrity Jerry Harris at FMC Lexington:

-- Glazed cornish hen, stuffed green peppers, candied yams, stuffing, mac & cheese, garlic macaroni, eco-friendly beans, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and diverse fruit pies

Fetty Wap at MDC Brooklyn:

-- Herb-roasted turkey, tofu fried rice, baked candied candy potato, mac & cheese, garlic macaroni, simmered cabbage, rolls and fruit pie

Ghislaine Maxwell at FCI Tallahassee:

-- Turkey, Tofurky, cornbread dressing, collard veggies, mac & cheese, rolls, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie

Harvey Weinstein at L.A. County prison:

-- Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, eco-friendly salad, rolls, pumpkin desserts and chocolate milk

in addition to all of the grub, amenities are providing a ton of actions on Thanksgiving Day.

We're now not asserting the inmates listed above deserve break festivities, however card tournaments, paintings contests, bingo and picture screenings should be accessible to a few of 'em.

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