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CLEVELAND (WJW) — it is a condition that 38% of americans endure from: high or dangerous cholesterol.

Lakewood resident Walter Killius spoke of, "What did docs suggest you do? stop consuming every thing that taste decent, cause it ain't first rate for you. and that they put me on ldl cholesterol tablets."

millions of americans are prescribed statins, like Lipitor or Crestor, to cut back the risk of a coronary heart assault or stroke.

but potential facet outcomes shy many individuals away from taking them.

Dietary dietary supplements often marketed to promote heart fitness have been a higher choice for a lot of.

but a new study, conducted by researchers on the Cleveland health facility, discovered those dietary supplements in reality do not improve cardiovascular health.

those dietary supplements are fish oil, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, plant sterols and purple yeast rice.

"time-honored supplements for quote un quote coronary heart health don't work," stated Cleveland sanatorium preventive heart specialist Dr. Luke Laffin. "They don't reduce LDL ldl cholesterol, they don't reduce tri-glyceride in comparison to placebo. and they're vastly inferior."

during this scientific trial, researchers analyzed health records for a hundred ninety adults between the a long time of forty and 75 who had no historical past of cardiovascular disease.

Laffin said different businesses acquired a low-dose statin, a placebo and the six dietary supplements for 28 days.

The statin had the most fulfilling impact, significantly decreasing unhealthy cholesterol levels.

"supplements aren't always without harm. So, speak along with your doctor," Laffin said. "if you want lowering ldl cholesterol medicines, get the true issue — now not some over-the-counter nonsense."

In an announcement, the Council for liable food, a trade association for the dietary complement business, said: "supplements don't seem to be meant to replace medicines or different scientific treatments."

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