Will Aaron Rodgers end up on injured reserve? - NBC sports

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers broke his thumb in Week five. It took him well-nigh seven weeks to renowned that the thumb is damaged.

Why didn't he say so sooner?

There are three chances, as we see it. First, he's been tempted to divulge it since it happened, and he at last gave in to the urge to make certain everyone is aware of what he's been dealing with. 2d, he decided within the aftermath of Thursday's bad efficiency in opposition t the Titans that he vital to provide credence to the constructed-in excuse for distinct bad throws. Third, he's laying the groundwork for the endgame of his season, and probably his career.

If the Packers don't turn issues around quickly, Rodgers may also grow to be on injured reserve for the rest of the 12 months, with Jordan Love taking up.

Of direction, if that occurs, the query then becomes no matter if Rodgers will retire after the season, or even no matter if he'll try to play for an extra crew in 2023. the previous is way more probably.

There's additionally an opportunity Rodgers might be decided to no longer let a subpar 2022 be his ultimate act in the NFL, and that he'll decide to return back for one last ride.

Regardless, the current ride may well be ending. Rodgers is just too wise to do the rest unintentionally. He had a plan for asserting what he spoke of. And the plan may be that, if the Packers lose to the Eagles and fall to four-8, he'll slide to IR for the relaxation of 2022, together with his reputation in 2023 to be decided at some point down the line.

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