girl Claims Idaho homicide Suspect Tried to break Window As a Teen - TMZ

a lady who says she knew the Idaho quadruple murder suspect as a teen claims she as soon as saw him try to break a window ... and that he'd developed a mean streak as he aged.

Byan Kohberger allegedly attempted to punch via an "unbreakable" glass window a salesman changed into displaying his neighbor -- this whereas he became over at their condo traveling with their children ... based on their mother, who tells TMZ she noticed this as an indication of aggression.

The girl, who's staying anonymous, says her 2 children grew up with Kohberger in Effort, PA within the 2010s -- explaining he was frequently quiet up unless around 2017, when she claims she noticed him change into a bully toward her kids ... despite the fact, she says she not ever noticed him get actual with them. still, she insists there have been troubling indications ... peculiarly in this illustration.

She tells us Kohberger wasn't capable of ruin the glass, but the truth he tried to immediate stunned her. It additionally aligned with what she says she noticed as a dismal aspect beginning to emerge in him ... also around the time when she claims she heard he begun the use of heroin.

The girl tells us she and her daughter bumped into Kohberger at a marriage some years in the past, and that he advised them he'd gotten clear. In easy of the information about his arrest, however, the lady says she changed into stunned ... realizing he may no longer have been who he told her he changed into.

As you comprehend ... Kohberger turned into taken into custody Friday in his domestic state of Pennsylvania. Authorities in Idaho say they believe they've their man, and that he acted alone. he is expected to be extradited this week and to enter a plea on first-degree murder charges.

lots remains to be seen about what sort of evidence the police have, what the cause could've been, or how precisely he might've wide-spread the victims. studies have indicated the police officers have matching DNA, and have traced the mysterious Hyundai vehicle to Kohberger as neatly.

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