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Opening commentary

neatly, firstly, congratulations to Tennessee. They did what they needed to do to win the game, earned it. Two groups had definitely first rate years, both teams earned their method right here tonight, and that they earned the win on the container tonight. We didn't. tremendously disappointing. just identify of the game; a lot of neglected alternatives, basic as that.

First half, I suppose we had six scoring opportunities out of seven drives, and we got one box goal out of it.in opposition t the No. 1 scoring offense within the nation that you simply comprehend at some factor goes to hit an explosive or two, you need to capitalize. The one issue that we've got been likely essentially the most constant at all yr and have likely achieved the most advantageous is red-zone scoring, and we simply did not take skills of plus-territory alternatives. again, seven drives, we had one punt first half, sky punt, seven opportunities, six scoring alternatives, and we come away with one box purpose. definitely upset with the missed opportunities there. We had a hundred and one plays and 480-whatever yards, and also you don't get any facets for yards. this is why on the stats, identify of the online game is points. similar to I inform the receivers, you don't get any points for getting open. You must conclude and execute. We did not do this.

i will say this. i assumed our guys competed their butts off. I have a pretty good respect for how they competed. They certainly not backed down, either aspect. i thought each groups competed challenging. Our guys fought. It was very irritating with some ignored alternatives, but they persevered to compete all of the way.

i believed defensively they gave us an opportunity in fact lots of the night, and then after we received a one-ranking game appropriate there in the fourth, they popped a couple runs there, and that changed into likely the worst protecting possession that we had.

good soccer crew, and lots of ignored alternatives. Then undoubtedly missed kicks, too. Took some sacks, made some error. My man Cade who's no longer in here yet, you could easily see how gifted he's and what an outstanding player he'll be. He made a lot of exceptional, remarkable performs, but he also had some simply error, basic as that. just took some sacks on some hots, took a sack on a sprint out, definitely the situation right there on the conclusion cannot take place. These are all issues he'll study from. but what an excellent chance, what a great moment for him to be able to go and play and compete. once again, did lots of good things. Made some large-time throws.failed to go our manner tonight, but truly -- it's all the time sad when it involves an end. It truly is. it's at all times a sad condition because it's form of the final time you're going to be with lots of these guys, certainly when it doesn't go your way. but even in case you win or not it's sad because you've acquired some relationships that are not going to be in the room subsequent yr.

however i'm thankful for our seniors. i like these guys. i'm proud of how they competed. i am more advantageous and Clemson is stronger because of these younger men who spent the ultimate four, 5 and in some situations six years as part of our software. Very grateful for that. once again, didn't end the way we desired to tonight, but a superb 12 months, 11-three and ACC champs, chiefly coming off a extremely difficult year final 12 months and a lot of transition and loads of alternate.We're not anyplace near the place we need to be or going to be, however we acquired superior. that is whatever thing that we are able to take away from it.

once more, congratulations to Tennessee and Josh. Man, i assumed, again, they did some respectable things. What a good year for them.

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