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George Santos has admitted to a few "gildings" of his CV

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Fraudulent claims of faculty levels, a non-existent true property portfolio and confusion over no matter if he is Jewish - or in basic terms "Jew-ish" - are only probably the most controversies new york Republican congressman-decide on George Santos is facing just days before he is as a result of be sworn in on three January.

before winning his race in the November midterm election, the 34-year-old billed himself as "the full embodiment of the American dream": An brazenly homosexual child of Brazilian immigrants who rose to the upper echelons of Wall highway before getting into the area of politics.

His victory lap, despite the fact, has been brief-lived.

Mr Santos's narrative of his lifestyles has fallen into tatters, with the embattled soon-to-be consultant admitting that huge parts of it have been completely made up.

He now faces calls to resign amid federal and local investigations, and as new allegations of lies emerge on a virtually day by day groundwork, with under per week to go before he is due to begin his obligations on Capitol Hill.

here's what we recognize up to now.

who's George Santos?

in accordance with a biography posted on-line by means of his campaign - which has on account that been rewritten - Mr Santos is a primary-technology American born within the manhattan metropolis borough of Queens. His grandparents, the website mentioned, "fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, settled in Belgium, and again fled persecution all over WWII" earlier than settling in Brazil. His Brazilian-born parents at last immigrated to the united states "in quest of the American dream".

Mr Santos also claimed to were trained at Baruch-college in long island city before fitting a "professional Wall highway financier and investor" with adventure working at prestigious businesses together with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

additionally, Mr Santos also claimed that he owned 13 homes - which "he'd worked complicated for" - and that his mom was "in her office within the south tower" of the realm change middle on eleven September. As recently as October, his campaign's web page claimed that she survived the assault, most effective to die a few years later.

A relative newcomer to US politics, Mr Santos turned into lauded as the first brazenly gay Republican to win a seat in the house of Representatives as a non-incumbent along with his victory this November.

What did Santos allegedly lie about?

On 19 December, the big apple times published a narrative calling into query colossal parts of his CV, together with his schooling and his work event.

other news outlets have considering discovered no evidence that his grandparents fled anti-Semitism in Europe or that he's Jewish, regardless of past boasts of being a "proud American Jew".

considering the initial experiences, Mr Santos has admitted that he embellished his historical past. He never graduated from any institution or work for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. as opposed to possessing property across ny, he lives with his sister in long island.

It become additionally revealed his mom died in 2016.

He additionally stated that he misrepresented his faith, telling the new york submit that he's Catholic and that he stated he become "Jew-ish" after getting to know that his maternal family had a Jewish heritage.

"My sins listed below are embellishing my resume," Mr Santos told the post. "i'm sorry."

Santos on the campaign trail

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Santos' district contains parts of Queens and long island's Nassau County in ny.

What are the latest claims?

The allegations in opposition t him, however, continue to develop.

On 29 December, for example, the ny times suggested that Mr Santos' crusade paid $eleven,000 to a cleaning business for "residence condominium for body of workers", besides a slew of disbursements pegged at $199.99 - exactly one cent below the brink through which receipts are required through federal law. The crusade fees additionally consist of $40,000 for air commute, a figure the newspaper cited "resembles the crusade filings of party leaders in Congress, as antagonistic to a newly elected congressman who continues to be introducing himself to local voters."

while it's doubtful if any legal guidelines had been broken, federal and local officers have vowed to seem to be into his finances. The Nassau County district lawyer, as an instance, spoke of it is analyzing "a lot of fabrications and inconsistencies" together with his crusade.

"nobody is above the legislation, and if a crime became dedicated during this county, we will prosecute it," district legal professional Anne Donnelly noted.

Will Santos nonetheless take office?

despite mounting criticism, Mr Santos has so far resisted calls to step down, and favorite Republicans have remained mostly mute.

His defiance and the party's silence haven't quieted his critics - from each side of the united states political divide.

"He deceived us and misrepresented his heritage," Republican Jewish Coalition CEO Matt Brooks talked about. "In public comments and to us personally he previously claimed to be Jewish. He has begun his tenure in Congress on a very incorrect word."

In a demanding alternate broadcast are living on Fox news earlier this week, former consultant Tulsi Gabbard - who in October left the Democratic birthday celebration - harshly condemned Mr Santos for "blatant lies".

"If I were one of those in ny's 3rd District presently, now that the election is over, and that i'm finding out all of these lies that you've got told, now not only 1 little lie or one little embellishment — these are blatant lies — my query is, do you haven't any disgrace?" she requested.

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