49ers news: Kyle Shanahan explains the Arik Armstead play at the end of the online game - Niners Nation

With 45 seconds remaining within the divisional playoff, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys took the field at their six-yard line, hoping to drag off a miracle to tie the online game.

the first play had an opportunity to seal the online game emphatically as Arik Armstead had Prescott in his attractions and in his personal end zone. Armstead pulled up short and didn't conclude the play, leading to an incompletion.

To the common fan, it was reasonable to ask yourself why Armstead didn't finished the play. a different way to view it become Armstead prevented a roughing the passer penalty.

Kyle Shanahan became asked concerning the play after the game:

DL Arik Armstead certainly gave the impression of he had a safety on Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and pulled up because he became afraid of the penalty. I wager what can be your teaching element on that, and did you keep in mind his thought manner?

"Yeah, I did. It's an unfortunate, more challenging place than it appears to get caught in and that i think he thought Dak changed into going to throw it, so I consider he turned into entering into there with the mindset to get his fingers as much as are trying to tip it after which Dak didn't and it caught him off safeguard after which he became afraid the place he turned into in, he become about to hit him high and get a penalty. for those who're approaching a quarterback, it's so challenging for these guys to hit in that goal enviornment and not get a penalty that you simply definitely need to strategy it the appropriate approach. and i consider without speaking to him, simply watching on film, he changed into coming near him to get his fingers up to tip it, after which rapidly when he noticed he wasn't in that circumstance, he didn't need to get that 15-yard penalty, which I believe somebody gets him in an embarrassing spot, however once I watched the tape, i will completely see why it took place and that's just variety of the challenges these guys have."

The guidelines surrounding quarterbacks and their safeguard have caused avid gamers to 2d-bet themselves. It's handy to be upset in the mean time, but Armstead did the appropriate aspect.

ultimately, the 49ers closed the drive and game out.

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