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Brooke Shields revealed in her new documentary, "pretty child," she turned into sexually assaulted almost immediately after graduating from college in 1987.

Detailing the rape for the first time, Shields says in the doc that she was making an attempt to get back into Hollywood after attending Princeton and had dinner with a person she knew to focus on advantage tasks, in accordance with amusement Weekly.

The unidentified man then allegedly convinced her to return returned to his resort and he would name her a cab domestic.

"i'm going up to the resort room, and he disappears for ages," she mentioned, noting that he had a pair of binoculars she picked up and turned into staring at volleyball players out the window when he back to the room bare.

"I put the binoculars down and he's right on me. identical to, become wrestling," she stated, explaining that she didn't combat out of concern. "i used to be afraid I'd get choked out or anything."

Brooke Shields on the red carpet at Sundance Film Festival 2023. The model mentioned the assault happened quickly after she graduated school in 1987. Getty images

The "Blue Lagoon" actress endured, "So, I didn't battle that lots. I didn't. I simply absolutely froze. i thought one 'No' should've been adequate, and i simply idea, 'stay alive and get out,' and i simply shut it out.

"God knows I knew the way to be disassociated from my physique. I'd practiced that."

Brooke Shields circa 1985 a man she knew satisfied her to come back to his hotel after a professional dinner to discuss her profession. Getty photographs

When it was over, Shields, 57, observed she went down the elevator, bought a cab and "cried the entire strategy to my friend's condo."

Shields, who admittedly didn't method that she was raped for a long time, stated she blamed herself for the assault.

"He referred to to me, 'i will be able to have faith you and that i can't have confidence people.' It's so cliché, it's virtually pathetic," she noted. "I believed someway I put out a message and that became how the message become got. I drank wine at dinner. I went up to the room. I just become so trusting."

Brooke Shields on a red carpet in a pink dress. The "Blue Lagoon" actress noted she "iced over" in the second out of worry and changed into unable to combat again. Patrick McMullan by the use of Getty images

Years later, the "endless Love" superstar says she wrote her attacker a letter confronting him about what he'd carried out, which turned into overlooked.

"I just threw my fingers up and referred to, 'You understand what, I refuse to be a victim as a result of here is anything that occurs no remember who you are and no count what you feel you're prepared for or not,'" she pointed out.

Brooke Shields smiling while walking when she was younger. The "relatively child" famous person mentioned she struggled to technique what came about to her. Ron Galella assortment by way of Getty photos

"i wished to erase the entire component from my intellect and body and simply carry on the course i was on. The device had on no account as soon as come to aid me. So, I simply had to get superior on my very own."

Shields, who shares two daughters with husband Chris Henchy, has lengthy noted being sexualized in Hollywood after she regarded nude within the 1987 film "fairly child" with 29-12 months-ancient Keith Carradine when she became just 11 years historic.

Brooke Shields in "Pretty Baby" in 1978. Shields has up to now observed being sexualized with the aid of Hollywood at a young age. ©Paramount/Courtesy Everett collection

At 15, after also having racy scenes in "Blue Lagoon" and "limitless Love," Barbara Walters controversially requested Shields for her measurements in an interview and instructed her to get up.

"but I simply behaved and simply smiled," Shields advised Drew Barrymore in an interview remaining 12 months, adding that she "felt so taken skills of in so some ways."

"fairly baby" premiered on the Sundance film festival on Friday and may be available on Hulu later this yr.

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