Cardinals restructure J.J. Watt’s contract to unfolded final cap hit - NBC activities

J.J. Watt introduced that he will be retiring after the end of the 2022 season and the Cardinals have done some contract maneuvering to decrease the have an effect on of his last cap hit for the 2023 season.

Watt's contract is up after this season, however void years on the deal he signed in Arizona suggest that he'll remain on their earnings cap past this season. box Yates of ESPN reviews that the Cardinals have tacked a different one of those years onto the deal.

on the way to drop his cap hit for the 2023 season to $2.4 million and put $4.8 million of lifeless money into the 2024 crusade.

The Cardinals can use some of that introduced area to try to fill out their line of defense in Watt's absence, despite the fact that's only one of a couple of areas that the team will must handle after a dismal 2022 crusade.

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