Eagles, Chiefs open as favorites for convention championships - NBC activities

The numbers may additionally alternate as the week unfolds, certainly with the fitness of one of the quarterbacks an incredible query mark. For now, each domestic teams are liked to win.

by the use of BetMGM, the Eagles are 2.5-element favorites over the 49ers, and the Chiefs are one-point favorites over the Bengals.

even though handiest via one factor, the Bengals will get pleasure from the conception of as soon as again being underdogs. They beat the Chiefs three teams in calendar yr 2022, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a high ankle sprain. even if he plays (and he certainly will), he received't be able to do what he constantly does. And the three Bengals wins came about when Mahomes turned into in a position to do what he constantly does.

either approach, we'll comprehend both groups so that you can rectangular off in super Bowl LVII one week from tonight. It should be Chiefs-Eagles, Chiefs-49ers, Bengals-Eagles, or Bengals-49ers. Any of those can be no longer too shabby.

One aggregate — Bengals-49ers — could be a rematch of tremendous Bowl XVI and tremendous Bowl XXIII. each video games were received by using the 49ers, as anybody who will pay any attention to the NFL is aware of.

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