France to carry ‘easy tanks’ to Ukraine - POLITICO Europe

PARIS — France will carry "light" fight tanks to Ukraine, President Emmanuel Macron's workplace introduced Wednesday, which would make it the primary country to ship such Western-designed armored fighting cars to the wartorn nation.

The Elysée said after a mobile name between Macron and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy that France will send AMX-10 RC armored fighting automobiles, which Paris has been gradually replacing with new Jaguar fight tanks.

a number of nations have already sent Soviet-period tanks to Ukraine. each France and Germany had been under drive to send tanks to Ukraine, but had refused to give in to Kyiv's requests.

An adviser to France's Minister of the defense force Sébastien Lecornu said Wednesday's determination changed into made to support Ukraine prepare for "a possible Russian offensive" in the spring.

"Ukraine is at a tipping aspect now at the frontline … Russia is making an attempt to terrorize the population with its drone attacks that from time to time reach so far as Kyiv, but Ukraine might additionally birth a counter-offensive," he referred to.

Zelenskyy thanked Macron on Twitter, asserting the two leaders had "a long and distinct dialog" and that the French president's "management brings our victory closer."

however, Ukraine's requests for extra palms from allies have still now not been wholly satisfied: In December, Kyiv formally asked for another mannequin of tank, the Leclerc — France's main fight tank — as opposed to AMX-10 light tanks, which are being phased out.

in accordance with the French military ministry adviser, the upkeep of France's protection capacities has remained "a crimson line" for Macron.

France also did not specify what number of motors it's going to ship. The French and Ukrainian protection ministries are anticipated to extra discuss the equipment beginning quickly.

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