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HOUSTON – The drug Semaglutide became at the start marketed under the name Ozempic to manage category two diabetes. last yr, Semaglutide was accepted through the FDA to be used for weight loss beneath the name Wegovy.

Social media has nicknamed them "skinny pens" as a result of they aid americans drop tremendous weight right now, leading to the popularity and a shortage of both Ozempic and Wegovy.

The drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk confirms it's struggling to meet demand and Houston patients, like Lauren Luman, say she doesn't understand what she'll do.

"I reached out to my doctor once more letting them recognize that i used to be nevertheless experiencing that scarcity, at that time they were capable of provide me some greater samples, however they noted, 'We're now not bound how long we're going to continue to have the samples purchasable,'" Luman pointed out.

Ozempic helped Luman shed weight and manage her blood sugar. Now, she says she's getting the same answer at each pharmacy she visits.

"It's been weeks or months on the grounds that they've had any provide," Luman said.

Endocrinologists have referred to they're pissed off patients cannot find their medicine. youngsters, endocrinologist Dr. Disha Narang, suggests there's a need for a success weight loss medication available on the market.

"Our nation is, you know, there's a virulent disease of weight problems as smartly and we deserve to deal with the weight problems to avoid diabetes in the first location," Dr. Narang said.

doctors aren't doing anything else incorrect by means of prescribing Ozempic for weight problems. in response to the FDA, healthcare gurus can choose to prescribe medication off-label when medically acceptable.

"Its meant use is for it to be an anti-diabetic prescription," Luman stated. "So, if people are taking it only for the sake of weight reduction, I think like perhaps they may still step lower back and permit the individuals which have classification two diabetes and actually need it to decrease their A1C the skill to get this prescription."

in response to one examine, the weight loss can also return as soon as the affected person discontinues use.

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