Ice cube needs Rights to 'Friday' but may not Sue Warner Brothers to attain Them - TMZ

Ice cube says he is never giving up on the combat to achieve the rights to his beloved "Friday" franchise -- but might not go to court docket to get the job accomplished.

TMZ Hip Hop currently caught the legendary rapper outdoor of dash Radio, asking him about his struggle to personal "Friday" and about any advantage spin-off alternatives for the franchise.

dice, naturally amused through the question, reminded us the contracts he is acquired with Warner Bros for the movie have a ton of exceptional print -- including that using the equal characters in any skill on a brand new project would not fly.

dice has been pushing to get the rights returned from WB for years now ... and it be been an uphill fight. a few fashioned forged contributors like Tommy Lister Jr. and Anthony Johnson have handed away and cube recently scoffed at the suggestion from Mike Tyson to buy his personal rights back.

cube says he's not interested in taking WB to court over the subject, however thinks the movie large should still simply flow on the rights so he can resume the franchise.

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