Jeff Saturday thinks Colts avid gamers should still have long gone after Kayvon Thibodeaux - NBC sports

The NFL has cracked down on taunting in fresh years with a view to cut sick will amongst opposing players. A felony occasion by Giants defensive conclusion Kayvon Thibodeaux engendered quite a lot of unwell will on Sunday, in opposition t the Colts.

but no longer as a lot as period in-between educate Jeff Saturday would have preferred to peer.

in a single of the most annoying soccer visuals you'll ever see, Thibodeaux sprawled on the ground and made a snow angel, while Colts quarterback Nick Foles convulsed in ache, after being driven into the MetLife Stadium turf with the aid of Thibodeaux.

After the game, Colts core Ryan Kelly known as the circulate "horseshit." Saturday curiously believes it's horseshit that Kelly and different gamers didn't do the rest about it.

"Tasteless from the celebration afterwards, just you comprehend trash," Saturday informed journalists on Monday involving Thibodeaux's actions. "not keen on it in any respect. disappointed from the O-line viewpoint and for teammates in commonplace. We offer protection to our own, man. . . . I'm just gonna tread calmly. absolutely, I didn't adore it in any respect. And that's the place I'll go away it."

Saturday is definitely saying one of the other gamers should have completed whatever thing about it, presumably physically. That's why he was treading lightly.

And to the extent that Thibodeaux claims he changed into oblivious on the time he changed into doing snow angels next to Foles, Thibodeaux most likely knew that Foles was injured when Thibodeaux's sideline social gathering protected a gesture expressing satisfaction and pleasure that he had put Foles "to sleep."

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