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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- 5 individuals had been injured, one among them critically, after a row domestic explosion in Philadelphia's Port Richmond section early Sunday morning.

fire officials say the brand new yr's Day blast came about earlier than 3 a.m. on Miller and East Atlantic streets, leveling two homes and severely destructive greater.

The explosion also blasted out home windows and despatched automobiles flying throughout the block.

Chris Heisenger become driving down the highway along with his girlfriend when the explosion came about.

"As I obtained out of the vehicle, i'm stepping over piles of concrete," pointed out Heisenger. "I bear in mind everything. The scent, the style of the debris, it be nevertheless in my head."

He back to the scene Sunday morning with bloodied clothing and a gash on his cheek from a shard of glass. He had been driving to Wawa for a late-evening snack when in seconds, the block changed into decreased to rubble.

"neatly, I had my head became towards her and that i became like, 'we'll Wawa,' and just outta nowhere it changed into like a loud bang and i just felt my entire car push over to the curb," he spoke of.

fire officers say a gasoline leak inside one of the homes became likely the trigger.

"It turned into like a bomb, like a 'ba-growth!' It shook the whole condominium. it's undescribable pretty much," said a neighbor named Karen, who couldn't get out of her front door.

"There become particles, popping out of the sky and my God, I ran up the road. There turned into a car tangled up in the middle of the street," observed Tim Bolli, who described the block like a struggle scene.

Neighbors helped pull each and every different out of the particles.

The Philadelphia fire department says three individuals had to be rescued and taken to the health center.

"We were in a position to pull two individuals that had just a little extricated themselves from the explosion and we had one person who we had to dig out from the debris," spoke of Assistant fire Chief Charles Walker.

"or not it's very infrequent to have the magnitude of this type of damage turn up as you could see on some of your cameras, cars are pushed on the street, home windows are blown out and to no longer have a loss of existence is really a blessing," talked about Walker.

As crews searched throughout the debris, neighbors said they are lucky to be alive.

"this is why I never take anything else for granted the next day or whatever thing, I just take each day as it goes," mentioned Heisenger.

The purple cross and city businesses had been on scene featuring counsel to residents.

"we'll clean this up. we will be sure each person has housing. we'll make certain - their basic needs, their medication - we will be sure they've all that. some thing this regional wants, we're going to get," Councilman Mike Driscoll stated.

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