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a person who become 18 years ancient when he begun dating and then moved in with George Santos—while the future congressman become married to a girl—says he become lied to, too.

"He used to assert he would get money from Citigroup, he was an investor," Pedro Vilarva advised The new york instances of his 2014 romance with Santos, who became then 26. "one day it's one thing, in the future it's one more thing. He never ever really went to work."

Vilarva noted Santos once gave him tickets to Hawaii that didn't exist—after which he found out he turned into wanted on theft charges in Brazil.

"I aroused from sleep in the morning, and i packed my stuff all in trash bags, and that i referred to as my father and that i left," he referred to.

Former Democratic congressional candidate Robert Zimmerman speaks at a rally in Mineola, New York, where local leaders and residents condemned Congressman-elect George Santos' lies.

Former Democratic congressional candidate Robert Zimmerman speaks at a rally in Mineola, new york, the place native leaders and residents condemned Congressman-pick George Santos' lies.

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This anecdote should be would becould very well be shocking except that Santos—who might be sworn into Congress on Tuesday—has already admitted to an superb pile of lies about his heritage from his work historical past to his schooling to his mother's death.

The every day Beast uncovered that the big apple Republican, who frequently remarked that he's openly gay on the crusade path, formally ended a secret seven-12 months marriage to a girl in 2019.

but Santos' outrageously false remarks about being "Jew-ish," working for Goldman Sachs, and owning 18 houses are the least of his complications.

The state attorney accepted is asking into the whoppers he placed on legitimate forms and even some Republicans are suggesting he should resign—besides the fact that children others seem to be chuffed to have his vote in the condo.

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